Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Clothing & Gear

What should I wear?

We recommend long pants, long sleeve shirts, and close toed shoes, for your protection. If you have protective riding gear, you should bring it. We offer some protective riding gear (gloves, chest protectors) but cannot guarantee availability at the time of your rental.

Oregon Parks & Recreation Department recommends the following:
“Prepared riders wear off-road safety gear every time they ride. The following represents the minimum amount of protection a rider should wear to help reduce the chance of injury.”

  • Helmet, goggles, gloves, long-sleeve shirts and long pants, over-the-ankle-boots
  • Open-toed shoes or sandals are dangerous and not recommended.

Do I need protective riding gear?

It is encouraged, but not required. This may include body armor, a jersey, elbow pads, hip/tailbone pads, gloves, riding pants, knee pads, and/or boots. Also see “what should I wear”

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes! Absolutely. A DOT approved Motorcycle helmet, with the chin strap fastened at all times, is required.

If you have your own helmet, please show it to staff before your rental.

NOT ALLOWED: ski/snowboard helmets, bicycle helmets, etc. All helmets must be DOT approved and have the symbol on the helmet.

Are helmets included with the rental?

Yes! Goggles also included, some tinted, some non-tinted, and some even fit over (most) glasses.

Location & Time

How do I access the sand?

We have access directly from our rental office! No trailers or lengthy directions needed. Our access road takes about 3 minutes to reach the sand from our office.

Can I get to the beach?

Yes! However, it does take a little more time than one hour. We recommend a two hour rental if going to the beach (unless you want to hurry!)

An hour and a half rental will give you slightly more time to get to the beach, but you’ll have to be very aware of your return time.

How do I know where I'm going?

We will offer you a map, show you designated riding areas during the safety orientation, and lead you to the entrance of the sand. You are expected to come back to our office on your own time. It’s easy! Although we can’t be on the sand with you to watch you ride, we are available by phone anytime, and our office is very close.

We are NOT a guide or tour service and will not conduct business as such.


Are the quads legal to ride on the dunes?

Yes! Part of the beauty of renting a quad from Torex is that the legal stuff is all taken care of for you!

What time of day is best to rent?

We always recommend renting in the morning, before 12pm. In the afternoon, we tend to get busier. Also, the wind usually picks up in the afternoon. The only major change is wearing goggles for eye protection instead of sunglasses. We close at 6pm every day. For the last hourly rental, arrive at our office no later than 5pm each day.

How long should I rent for?

Most renters rent for one hour. When riding to the beach, we recommend a two hour rental. We also offer 30 minutes, 1.5, 3, 4, or more rentals.

Can I rent the machine for an entire weekend?

The sand dunes in Florence have an evening curfew, and our machines must be returned each night.

No overnight rentals available.

Passengers & Age Limits

How many people can ride on a quad?
Only one person can sit on each of the quads we offer as rentals. Sorry – it’s state law!
Can I bring my baby on a quad with me?

No. There are rider size and fit requirements and typically, children under 6 years old are too small to fit in or on any rental. Only one person per single seat machine, and side by side UTV machines can only hold enough passengers to fill the seats. Again, it’s state law. Please check out “size and fit requirements” in the FAQ section also.

Can I bring my animal on the machine with me?

No. Unfortunately animals are not allowed to ride on or in our machines. It’s safest for you and our machines, really!

We do have shaded parking, space for your kennel, and can also recommend local pet sitters for your fur children. Email or call us!

What are the size and fit requirements?

For single seat machines

Mini Quad for kids (“MINI”)

  • Must meet size and fit requirements

Semi-automatic single seat ATV Quad (“TRX”)

  • Must meet size and fit requirements

Full AUTOMATIC single seat ATV Quad (“AUTO”)

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must meet size and fit requirements

Two Seat Side by Side UTV (“Honda Talon Two Seater”)
Four Seat Side by Side UTV (Honda Talon Four Seater”)
Five Seat Side by Side UTV (“Honda Pioneer Five Seater”)

    • Must be at least 25 years old with Valid Driver’s license
    • Must be tall enough to wear the seat belt properly and reach all controls.
    • All passengers must be able to wear a properly fitted helmet, fit in the seatbelt with their back against the seat and feet on the floor. A person that is approximately 52-60″ tall can typically meet these requirements, although we do rely on SIZE and FIT, not specifically age or height

***If you are unsure if a person will fit in or on the machine, DO NOT make the reservation. Come in and see for yourself, fit yourself and/or your passenger in the machine BEFORE reserving. No refunds are given if “the person doesn’t fit properly”.

**For all side by side rentals, be prepared to show your driver’s license AND credit card at the time of contract, in the office.

Size and Fit Requirements Class I ATV (quad) A Class I ATV operator under the age of 16, must meet all the following minimum physical size requirements (Rider Fit) in relationship to the vehicle:

ATV rental reach and fitting - break reach, leg length, handlebar turning reach

1. Brake Reach: With hands placed in the normal operating position and fingers straight out, the first joint (from the tip) of the middle finger will extend beyond the brake lever and clutch.
2. Leg Length: While sitting and with their feet on the pegs, the knee must be bent at least 45 degrees.
3. Grip Reach: While sitting upright on the quad with hands on the handle bars and not leaning forward, there must be a distinct angle between the upper arm and the forearm, and;
4. The operator must be able to turn the handle bars from lock to lock while maintaining grip on the handle bars and maintaining throttle and brake control.

Disabled operators are allowed to use prosthetic devices or modified or adaptive equipment to achieve rider fit.

On average, an 8 year old child, at least 48”-50” tall meets the size and fit requirements above and can ride a mini quad with parent approval. An average sized 11-12 year old typically meets the size and fit requirements for a semi-automatic quad. Of course, there are always exceptions and each person will fit a quad differently. Parent understanding and management approval is vital in the decision making of children riding machines.

How old does a passenger have to be?

We rely heavily on size and fit requirements rather than age. A minimum height recommendation might help you, instead:

  • To ride as passenger, a 52” – 60” person can typically meet the size and fit requirements.
  • To ride or drive an ATV, typically people who are 48” – 50” tall, and at least 8 years old can ride their own machine, with parent approval and attendance.
  • UNDER 7 years old? Your options are very, very limited. We recommend checking in with guided tours in the area, or going to Honeyman State Park to play in the sand (day use only, no machines).

Rentals & Reservations

What is included in the rental?

Goggles, helmets, rider safety training permit, safety orientation, machine operations, and a lead out to the entrance of the sand.

What is the deposit on each machine?

Single Seat machines: we keep a copy of your credit card and reserve the right to hold $500 per machine for the duration of your rental.

Side by Side machines (UTV): We hold $1500 per machine for the duration of your rental.

Be prepared to run your credit card for the above amounts at the time of contract.

Can I complete training before I arrive?

Yes! You can complete an in-depth, free training online before your rental time. Visit:

To complete the online training. It takes about 2 hours. Be sure to PRINT your certificate and bring it with you at the time of your rental! We will need to document the certificate number.

No time to complete the online training? No problem! We offer an alternative, temporary 30 day permit at the time of your rental. It is included with your rental, required to fill out (unless you already have your permanent card), and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Can I make a reservation?

Yes! Reservations are highly recommended.

Reserve online HERE. Successful online reservation will be confirmed automatically through the reservation system.

We have limited availability for walk-in rentals each day, although we can usually fit people in somewhere.

Looking for Guided Tours?
Call Sand Dunes Frontier directly at (541)997-3544
Can I access the dunes with my own private vehicle?


To utilize private access to the dunes from Star Road, check with Sand Dunes Frontier in the lower parking lot for staging details and be prepared to pay a small fee.

Is there cell reception in the sand dunes?

Generally speaking, yes.

Some spots have great service, other spots have no service. Sometimes, the tall peaks of the sand limit your service.

Verizon Wireless seems to be the best, although AT&T has good service too.

T-Mobile is a close second, though has more patchy reception.

We have Wi-fi in our office and parking lot only.

Do I need a driver’s license?

To drive any machine that carries a passenger, YES you need a driver’s license

One person in your group must have a valid driver’s license

If you are the only adult in the group, YES you need a driver’s license

If your license is REVOKED or SUSPENDED, you may not ever drive on the sand (passenger is ok)

If you have never had a driver’s license, you could drive a single seat quad if someone in your group is over 18 years old and holds a valid driver’s license

Be prepared to show your driver’s license at the time of contract.

Why do I need to be a certain age to drive or ride?

Our recommended age requirements are general guidelines to help us determine appropriate machines for your rental period. Ultimately, we require all riders and drivers to follow state requirements and size/fit requirements, as applicable. We expect you will choose the machine that is the best fit for you. Responsible for children? We can help you determine if they fit; you choose if they can go. All rentals are subject to approval and denial of Torex management. We try to make your rental safe and enjoyable. Questions about this? Please call or email and we can discuss this with you.

Can I store my keys in your office while I ride?

Yes! We have a limited number of storage lockers, and many cubbies in our office for you to store keys and belongings.

We also offer fanny packs for your convenience.

We recommend leaving anything you don’t need behind, locking your car and putting your phone in your keys either in our office for safe keeping, or in a ZIPPED POCKET.

Can I use my credit card for my friend’s deposit?

Yes; you’ll need to clarify this at the time of contract.

Do you rent in the rain?

Yes! We rent machines every day of the week, RAIN or SHINE!


We offer the following discounts:

  • Group of 10 machines or more rented: 10%
  • Military Discount: 10%
  • 6 hour discount: 15%
  • Yelp Check in at time of contract: 10%

To access the discounts, Please email us with the following information:

  • Name
  • Exact number AND Type of machine to rent
  • Length of rental
  • Time of rental (you’ll need to arrive 45 minutes earlier to complete paperwork!)
  • Phone number for confirmation

Are there toilets on the sand dunes?

No! The sand dunes are federally protected; we are unable to maintain them in any way.

At our office, we are also very remote. Be prepared to see portable toilets (Honey Buckets) and Wash stations.

Where is the nearest place to buy food and drinks?

Cleawox Market, 2 miles north on Highway 101
Darlings Resort, 1.5 miles South on Highway 101

Nearest Major Grocery Store (with Starbucks!)
Safeway 700 Hwy 101 Florence, Oregon 97439

I’m bringing someone else’s child with me

Great! We assume that you and the other parent have discussed this extreme adventure, and are well aware of the risks. We will ask for a parent or guardian signature at the time of contract, who will be on the sand with the minor child the entire time. If you are not comfortable acting as one of these, we require the minor child NOT to RIDE OR DRIVE.

Can I use my mom’s credit card for the deposit, but pay for the rental myself?

The credit card AND cardholder must be present at the time of contract.

So, you can use your mom’s credit card for the deposit as long as she is physically at our office to sign the agreement with us.

You can use two (or 3, 4, 5) different cards and split the payment any way you’d like, as long as the cardholder and the card is present.

Can I bring my own helmet/riding gear?

Yes! Just make sure your helmet is DOT approved, has the sticker on it, and you show it to the office at time of contract.

Additional riding gear that you’d like to bring should be well-fitted and not impair your ability to ride or drive.

It’s my first time – what can I expect?

Welcome! When you arrive onsite, you’ll park in the lower parking lot and walk up the gravel hill to our office. We will confirm your reservation or walk-in requests, get paperwork ready and go over the paperwork together. The paperwork process takes about 20-40 minutes, depending on the size of your group. In this process, you do some things individually and some things with us. There are quite a few signatures, patience, and understanding needed to get through this process together.

Once paperwork is completed, you’ll go through a 12 minute safety orientation,  and fit yourself for a helmet.

After that, we will show you how to use your machines and take you to the entrance of the sand dunes.

You will return to our office on your own, at your designated return time.

What is your cancellation policy?

Any changes or cancellations must be made at least **48** hours prior to the time of your reservation to be eligible for a full refund.

Changes requested less than **48** hours before the start of your reservation can be subject to additional fees and changes will be made only if walk-in rentals are available. **Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the start of your rental reservation will not be refunded. If you do not show up for your reservation time, you will forfeit your rental.

I’m pregnant. Can I join?

No, unfortunately if you are pregnant, you are not allowed to ride or drive in or on any of our machines. This is for the safety of you and your child!

**YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RIDE OR DRIVE our machines if you or your passengers experience or have any of the following conditions or circumstances:**

  • neck, back, or other bodily injury
  • pregnancy
  • impaired use or absence of body parts, including but not limited to restricted motion or control of arms, legs, head, neck, or other body parts
  • casts, braces, or boots

I recently had surgery. Can I still ride?

**YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RIDE OR DRIVE our machines if you or your passengers experience or have any of the following conditions or circumstances:**

  • neck, back, or other bodily injury
  • pregnancy
  • impaired use or absence of body parts, including but not limited to restricted motion or control of arms, legs, head, neck, or other body parts
  • casts, braces, or boots

Any condition or impairment listed above or similar to them can result in unsafe driving or riding behavior, increased liability for you to hurt yourself or others, and lack of understanding and problem solving if a situation arises on the sand. **We want you to experience our sand dunes SAFELY.** This is an extreme sport and you MUST be in good, physical and mental condition.

I did not get a confirmation email. Can you send it again?

Yes! Email or call us.


I have a group renting 10 machines or more!
Awesome! Call or email with a date, time, number and type of machines. We will reserve for your large group.