Tips for Renters

Tips for ATV Renters

Weather sometimes plays a factor in your riding experience. We are open every day, rain or shine! Be sure to arrive at our office ready to ride.

In the late fall, Winter, and early Spring seasons, we often have rain and slightly cooler temperatures. Gloves, rain gear, and an extra change of clothes are recommended.

In the summer, the wind picks up. Gusts up to 100 mph cross the dunes in a tornado style storm. Though it is not necessarily dangerous, high winds can make the ride less enjoyable. Want to skip the wind? COME EARLY! Wind typically picks up between 12pm – 2pm, EVERY DAY when the sun is out.

When the weather gets very hot inland, our coastal dunes often get a thick layer of fog. This may reduce your visibility and get cold! Bring a jacket just in case.

When the sweet, sweet sunshine is out, we often get a “Snowblind” effect; the sun will create a glare on the dunes that makes it difficult for your eyes to adjust. We offer tinted goggles for this reason, and sunglasses are a popular alternative (though not provided).

We want you to be as comfortable as possible given the extreme sport you’re about to partake in. Bandannas can be used as protection from the shared helmet use. We clean our helmets between each use for your hygiene. Full face, DOT approved helmets are required (and included) for ALL renters.


Our paperwork takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes to complete, depending on your group size. A general guideline:

  • 6 or more in your group? Arrive 45-60 minutes early!
  • Less than 6 people? Arrive 30-45 minutes early!
  • Your rental time starts at the time of your reservation; if you are not finished with paperwork, you may lose rental time.
  • Please review your reservation confirmation for important details regarding your machines, before arrival.

We look forward to having you as our guest!

ATV renters climbing a dune on their quads